old rusty locks and keys on wooden table

This is a form of entertainment like none other. At Exit Kryptos, you will be placed in a locked room filled with clues, keys, locks and surprises. Clues lead to clues, which lead to more clues. Strategize with your group and work together to get out as fast as possible before your hour is up.


Young woman with hand to the chin looking up in search of the right solution which are presented as keys around her. Black background. Concept of finding a solution.

This is a game for the brain, not the brawn. Don’t think you do well at puzzles? That’s OK. Maybe you are really good at finding things. Maybe you are good at organization. Maybe you’re a good cheerleader and good at being encouraging. Whatever your skill (who knows you may discover some you didn’t you know had) you can enjoy the experience working as group and create lasting memories.


Eight businessmen planning a strategy in business advancement each holding different but equally important metaphorical element - compass, puzzle pieces, pegs, cubes, key and one making notes.

You can’t run a team or business successfully by yourself. You can’t exit these rooms by yourself. Working together with your coworkers is the key to success in both. Everyone has strengths and ways to contribute. Come put your team’s skills to the test. See how well you can or cannot work together. You will be able to utilize the experience and the skills and strategies learned into your work environment. Who knows, maybe you’ll come out a better team than the one that entered.


idea solve problem concept on blackboard

Our game themed rooms are engaging and fun. They are based off of popular games, both old and new. Immerse yourself in the game as if you were playing it in real life. Using concepts of the game and others not related, you need to solve the game and escape the room.


After you exit the room, we invite you to stay and discuss your strategies and experience with your room operator for up to 30 mins. Not everyone in your group will have the same experience. Some will have worked on one puzzle, while others were solving another. This will be a great time to share your thoughts and strategies with your entire group.